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Basic Through Advanced Hypnosis Training


Curriculum Includes:​

Basic and Intermediate Level                                    Advanced Level
History of Hypnosis                                                   Gerald Kein’s Universal Method
Nature of Hypnosis                                                    Regression Methods
Suggestibility Testing                                                 Past Life Regression
Hypnotic Rules of the Mind                                      Transformational Techniques
Pre-Induction Interview                                              Abreaction Hypnosis
Establishing Clients Goals                                         Phobia Removal
Classic Induction Techniques                                     Parts Therapy
Instant, Rapid, Confusion Inductions                          Pain Control Techniques
Disguised Induction Methods                                     Chair Therapy
Trance Deepening                                                      Death Bed Therapy
Measuring Responsiveness & Trance Depth             Transformational Therapies
Trance Management                                                  Overview of Painless Childbirth
Dealing with Overcoming Resistance                         Emergency Hypnosis
Conditioned Response Training                                 Uncovering Techniques
Semantics of Hypnotism                                             Pre-Talk Analysis
Developing Rapport                                                    Hypnoanalysis
Methods for Easily Obtaining  Deep Hypnosis            Structuring Successful Positive Suggestions
Self-Hypnosis                                                              Waking Hypnosis
Hypnotizing Children                                                   Disguised Hypnosis
Advanced Rapid & Instant Inductions                         Teaching Self Hypnosis
Ethics & Legalities

This hypnosis training is the one of the most complete and organized examination preparation class for hypnotism available today. It uses lecture, demonstration, hands-on application, audio-visual aids, along with student question and answer periods. This ​training includes extensive training study material.

This training is actual hands-on application and not just lecture/theory!


Completion Certificates & Certifications


Upon successful completion of the Basic-Advanced Hypnotism training course, a completion certificate will be issued from Omni Hypnosis Training Center®. In addition, you will receive certification as a Board Certified Hypnotist from the International Board Of Hypnosis Education And Certification with the first year membership.

  • OMNI Hypnosis Training Center

  • All graduates of OMNI hypnosis training receive this certificate. It contains the name of a registered OMNI school (i. e. OMNI Hypnosis Training Center Washington, DC) as well as the instructor’s name. Since April 2015 the certificate contains worldwide the ISO 9001 logo as a proof for the tested and certified quality of the OMNI education.

  • International Board of Hypnosis, Education & Certification - IBHEC

    • Formerly the National Board of Hypnosis, Education & Certification – NBHEC which was founded by Jerry Kein (association) and has become international 

  • National Guild of Hypnotists – NGH
    The NGH is worldwide the oldest and biggest hypnosis organization. OMNI and NGH maintain a friendly relation coined by mutual respect and appreciation. The NGH repeatedly honored Jerry Kein and some OMNIs for their outstanding performances. Many OMNIs are involved and present at the worldwide biggest annual hypnosis convention taking place in Marlborough, USA (near Boston) at the beginning of August.





Additional Benefits 


FREE...Omni-Grads Internet Group support - You will be eligible to become a member of this exclusive group which is limited to people who have successfully completed Omni's Basic-Advanced Training.Just one more original feature setting OHTC above the rest!


Most other hypnosis organizations will certify Omni-Grads through reciprocity based on verification of the above completion certificates & certification.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Hours

The Omni Hypnosis Training Courses, including the Certification Basic-Advanced Course, are approved for continuing education contact hours with....

The National Guild Of Hypnotists (NGH) 
The International Board of Hypnosis Education and Certification (IBHEC)

International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association (IMDHA) 

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