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Omni Hypnosis Training Advantages

Globally Recognized - Time Tested & Successful
40 Years Experience & 16,000+ Hypnotists Trained
More Than 50 Locations in Over 20 Countries

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Omni is an International Standards Organization 
ISO 9001 - Certified Company

For Hypnosis Technique & Hypnotherapy Training


International and National Hypnotism Certification  
International Board of Hypnosis Education and
Certification located in Zurich, Switzerland
National Guilde of Hypnotists
Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA  


Rapid Intensive Fundamental Hypnotism Training 
Seven-Day Beginner thru Advanced Level
Live In-person Training

Lifetime Post Graduation Support
Continuing Education Classes 
Phone & Forum Online Connectivity 

Omni Hypnosis Training Center® Mission Statement
We Transform Lives! 

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Hypnotism Certification Training 

OMNI Hypnosis Training teaches you both the crucial fundamentals of hypnosis along with cutting-edge techniques and methods that thousands of OMNIs worldwide use successfully on a daily basis.

You will learn important details about the history and origins of modern hypnosis and how important words are in hypnosis. you will learn how to give positive suggestions to others, in hypnosis, to make them feel good about themselves and boost their self-esteem.

This Course is Perfect For:

  • People Looking to Change Careers

  • Massage Therapists seeking to learn a touch-free, & remote healing modality

  • People seeking to bring their gift of healing into the world

  • Therapists looking for another tool

  • Life coaches wanting a breakthrough technique to help their clients and differentiate them from other coaches

  • Spiritual Seekers curious about Consciousness, the Mind, and transformation.

  • Salespeople looking to learn about communication

  • Retirees looking for a fulfilling way to spend their time or an additional source of income

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