I highly recommend the choice of training with Omni Hypnosis Training Center® Of Washington, DC and Larry Lambert. Larry was extremely knowledgeable and thorough in the teaching of the program. The classroom setting is very comfortable and encourages you to participate and provides the time necessary for practice and asking all the questions you will have in order to gain perspective and confidence. I am so thrilled to have completed the basic-advanced training with Larry, Sondra, and Tammy all experienced hypnosis practitioners and feel very fortunate to have chosen Omni and Larry for my certification! 

                                                                              Donna Daacke, CHt, Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, August 2018

I cannot say enough good things about Omni Hypnosis Training to do it justice. Larry Lambert is an amazing instructor, and the with knowledge and skills I gained from the training, I can wholeheartedly say I recommend to anyone that wishes to acquire solid hypnosis skills and a depth of hypnotic knowledge... GO TO OMNI! You will look back on the choice with fondness knowing you made the right decision.

                                                                                  Alan Troutman, CHt, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania March 2018

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made on my journey as a healer is choosing the Omni Hypnosis Training Center® accreditation program. The transformation of growth and self discovery from this course is something I couldn’t have anticipated. It gave me confidence in myself, my abilities and in the work I was pursuing in the world. I’ve always been drawn to help others, I never could have dreamed how much I would help myself in my journey to do that by attending Omni Hypnosis. I would highly recommend to anyone who not only wants to gain more skills in helping others but also to anyone seeking to get to know themselves a little better and work towards the future you want, not the future you feel stuck in!

                                                                                      Amanda Veader, CHt, Lanham, Maryland January 2018 

I participated in the Omni Hypnotist certification program and it was exceptional. I did it over 4 weekends in between March and April 2017. It went over the core framework of hypnosis as well as the specific systems unique to Omni. It also gave us a lot of legal and business knowledge we needed to start a practice. Larry was very knowledgeable about the broad field of hypnosis and was very good at communicating what he knows. If you are considering becoming a certified hypnotist, I wholeheartedly recommend you do it with DC Omni.

                                                                                       Anthony Peters, CHt, Columbia, Maryland March 2017

The live certification class and its instructor were amazing.  Larry has a wonderful teaching style.  I loved this class. I learned so much that I will carry it with me throughout my lifetime. This class was truly life changing. 

                                                                                        Lisa Hubbard, CHt, Bowie, Maryland September 2016 


This was a well-organized, well-presented course taught by a knowledgeable and experienced instructor. Through I am practicing hypnotist for over 10 years, I gained additional techniques and insight that is certain to benefit both myself and my clients.

                                                                                  James Scott, CHt, Annapolis, Maryland September 2016

For me, the class highlights were; instruction on Regression to Cause, Ultra-Height® Hypnosis, Chair Therapy, and doing instant Inductions.  It was a great class, very well organized, and I loved the hands-on exercises. 

                                                                            Kel Morris, CHt, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, July 2016 


Larry made the class fun which was conductive to learning, well paced, and very through. The level of detail was very much appreciated.  

                                                                                               Ruth Grimes, CHt, Hampton, Virginia, June 2016  

                                                                                                                                 Owner of Help Heal Yourself  

The highlight of the class was how the instructor discussed the concepts and then did real life demonstrations of the techniques and then allowed us to practice the techniques and build on them.  This was a very practical and efficient way to learn the techniques and be able to build on our knowledge with out being overwhelmed. The instructor helped build confidence every step of the way through hands-on practice and instruction. 


                                                                                    Isabelle Fitzgerald, CHt, Annapolis, Maryland April 2014

I absolutely loved the the training I received at Omni Hypnosis Training Center....the training was very informative, engaging, and hands on.The instructor, Larry Lambert, explained things well and made the class fun at the same time. I would recommend Omni Hypnosis Center of Washington, D.C. to anyone that is thinking to become a Certified Hypnotist for the best in training.

                                                                                         Marie Hawse, CHt, Hagerstown, Maryland April 2016

                                                                                                               Owner of Hagerstown Hypnosis Center

I took the Ultra Height Hypnosis workshop with Larry and recommend it . It is an easy and efficient way to help someone go deeply into trance and it helps the person connect with the best part of themselves. Their best part can inform them about what they need to know in a non -intrusive and delightful way. The hypnotist acts as a facilitator to help guide them. I LOVED THE WORKSHOP AND IT WAS VERY HELPFUL TO ME.


                                                            Mary Cole, CHt Ultra-Height® Hypnosis Weekend Workshop Jan 2016

Larry, I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how the ULTRA-HEIGHT® training class has effected my practice. I had five clients in mind when I entered the class because their progress had come to a plateau...I had tried so many different techniques but it was their blocks. Every one of them broke through their own blocks and achieved healing, change, and relief through the higher levels of awareness. I have since used it to help migraine and menopause relief, anxiety and stress management, and spiritual enlightenment. I've yet to see one client not benefit from this approach. It has become an invaluable addition to my toolbox. Thank you!

                                                                      Linda Lee Plank-Morgan, CH of Envision Hypnosis of Southern Maryland

                                                                                        Ultra-Height® Hypnosis Weekend Workshop Jan 2016

                                                                                                                          Owner of Envision Hypnosis of Southern Maryland

Larry did a great job of gearing the class for a wide range of student experience levels and provided challenges students at all levels.  The level of detail and experiential learning was right on target and prepared me for success.   

                                                                                                   Lynn Olivari, CHt Newtown, Pennsylvania - June 2014

Owner of Lynn Olivari - Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy


Larry is an excellent instructor, his passion for hypnosis is evident as he teaches and demonstrates.  He answers all of your questions using examples from actual experience.  I look forward to attending more Omni classes in the future.     


                                                                                       Tammy Stephens, CHt., Gerrardstown, West Virginia - June 2014

                                                                                                                                     Full Time Hypnotist at Galaxy Hypnosis 

I enjoyed the "meat and potatoes" aspect of the class.  I needed the foundation of hypnosis to feel more qualified in my hypnosis stage shows and to help people.  I am very happy that I found Omni Hypnosis and I look forward to being able to go through the Designated Certification Instructor training when eligible. 


                                                                                          Guy Michaels, CHt., Knoxville, Tennessee - February 2014

                                                                                                    Owner of 7th Level Strategies Hypnotherapy Center 


Larry's teaching style made you feel like you weren't actually learning, but engaged in conversation.  The training session was great and I can't say enough positive things about Omni Hypnosis Training.  


                                                                                   Antonn Robinson, CHt., Baltimore Maryland - September 2013


I found Mr. Lambert to be an excellent instructor.  His charismatic presentation, personal success stories, and hypnosis knowledge made the training fun.  It was a wonderful experience.


                                                                               Thomas Marone, CHt, Virginia Beach, Virginia - September 2013 


Larry has a special gift for explaining concepts and techniques in a way that makes sense to those with different backgrounds and experience levels. 


                                                                                                    L.J. Morris, CHt, Alexandria, Virginia – February 2013




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