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Seven Day Intensive Certification Training & Exam 

Basic to Advanced Training Content

There are more than 70 topics covered, lots of practice, and you will be able to master the most advanced Hypnotherapy!

1. The History of Hypnosis

2. The Nature of Hypnosis

3. Semantics / Hypnosis Vocabulary

4. Dave Elman's Induction Evolved

5. Dave Elman Induction Shortcuts

6. Classic Hypnosis Inductions

7. The critical factor (CF) and how to cross it

8. Definition of hypnosis and explanation of the mind model

9. What hypnosis is definitely not

10. Hypnosis Levels

11. Fast and instant hypnosis for advanced applications in practice

12. Gerald Kein's "Universal Therapy"

13. Places, places and regions

14. Step-by-step regression techniques

15. Regress to cause (R2C)

16. Inner Child Work

17. Structure, development and flow chart of a hypnosis session  

18. Structure of positive suggestions 

19. Attitudes towards a suggestion

20. Regression of past lives (Regression - Brian Weiss)

21. Gestalt Hypnosis Therapy

22. Developing Rapport  

23. Ab-reaction control and ab-reaction therapy  

24. Goal setting  

25. Anxieties and phobias  

26. Treatment of smoking  

27. Pain Control Techniques  

28. Overcoming resistances / anxieties  

29. The conscious mind  

30.The subconscious mind

Four Day Basic & Intermediate Hypnotic Fundamentals

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