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Ultra-Height® Hypnosis 

Ultra Height® Hypnosis represents an extraordinary hypnotic technique and goes far beyond the normal. The client goes into a very deep trance state. The mind opens up to a most amazing level of consciousness, which can create enormous potential for change. The inner perception is on a very high level so that the causes of inner conflicts are not only be recognized but also dealt with by the client independently.




Through Ultra Height® hypnosis or Ultra Healing® hypnosis, people experience the most pleasant state that can be made possible using hypnosis. The mind is raised to a level far above one's own consciousness so that an insight into the unconscious is made possible. From a bird's eye view, blockages in the mind, body, and soul can be removed in a carefree and gentle way. Beliefs and sensory impressions that make life difficult can be changed. Ultimately, the client gains true access to a specific part of their mind that is capable of creating unparalleled changes in mental and physical health.

Activate Self-Healing With Ultra-Height® 

In this special hypnotic state, people experience happiness and inner peace in equal measure, on the basis of which a wide variety of ailments can be healed. This special procedure was developed by Gerald F. Kein, who, as Director of the Omni Hypnosis Training Center in Florida, has more than fifty years of experience in this field.

With the help of Ultra Height® hypnosis or Ultra Healing® hypnosis, ways are created to reach a very extraordinary level of mental perception. This form of hypnosis opens up new possibilities for recognizing and eliminating individual physical, mental and emotional problems. Those who are on this level of perception can use their intellect with the highest level of mental alertness and concentration in such a way that fundamental problems can not only be uncovered but also solved, so to speak. The hypnotized person independently works their way to knowledge. The hypnotist provides support and guides the gentle "reprogramming" or cognitive restructuring of the subconscious. With the help of Ultra Height® hypnosis or Ultra Healing® hypnosis, blocking processes inside can be uncovered and corrected under your own guidance. This form of hypnosis is very successful and healing, but it is only offered by a few hypnotists.

Ultra-Height Heals Both Mind & Body

With Ultra Height® hypnosis or Ultra Healing® hypnosis, clients intuitively experience how the psychological and physical levels of the ego are connected, and they experience a feeling of absolute well-being. The body is in an infinitely balanced state. While the hypnotized encounters himself in his depth, the mind gains profound insights into the state of physical, mental and emotional levels of the organism. The mind is enabled to filter out specific areas that need healing. Damaging and paralyzing thoughts and feelings are determined and can be treated in a targeted manner. During the phase of Ultra Height® hypnosis, also known as Ultra Healing® hypnosis, the mind gains the ability to


In order to go to the very highest level of spiritual perception, one does not need any prerequisites: only the mind must be open to wanting to achieve the desired goal. It will only succeed without coercion if you get involved and let the hypnosis happen. Ultra Height® hypnosis or Ultra Healing® hypnosis enables self-discovery and self-healing in all areas of life. Through the deep insights into the higher self, the healing changes that can be experienced are virtually limitless.


Ultra Height® hypnosis or Ultra Healing® hypnosis is much more profound than words can describe. Once you have mastered this technique (which can be achieved with the help of self-hypnosis) it will be easier and easier to reach the highest level of heightened awareness over time. These insights will be more and more far-reaching, so that ultimately more and more change can be achieved on a physical and psychological level. The positive changes will spread to all areas of life. In addition to these fundamental transformations within the self, Ultra Height® hypnosis, or Ultra Healing® hypnosis, has another benefit: It is a completely peaceful, comfortable, and loving experience.

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